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Crafting for Christmas

*Not my photo: Flickr-Melanie Hughes

Our financial situation is causing me to get creative for Christmas. I’m actually enjoying the challenge.  John and I picked up a couple of things on Black Friday, but otherwise, we’re going to be making most of our Christmas gifts.

I am pretty excited about a project I’m working on for Rhys: felt food. I’m inspired by this Japanese site (click on the links and prepare to be amazed by the vast array of felt foods), though I assure you that mine won’t be nearly as fancy or diverse.

I’m also taking some inspiration from this awesome crafster, and this amazing crafter. Okay, now that you’ve seen all the links, you want some felt food for yourself, don’t you? I admit, the thought of playing with all that food is very exciting. I just hope I can pull off a few pieces by Christmas. And that Rhys likes them.

I’ll try and take some pictures of my finished products and showcase them next month. Plus, I have other homemade gifts in the works that are pretty fun as well. I haven’t done any crafting in a while, so this just makes me happy.


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