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tagged for a meme

I forgot that I was tagged by Abel a while back, but I finally remembered, so here are my enlightening answers to this meme:

Three things that scare me:
• Public speaking
• Losing the people I love
• A murderer breaking into my house and killing me (or even worse)

Three people who make me laugh:
• Other family members
Kristin Chenoweth

Three things I love:
• Cuddling w/ my husband
• Spending time w/ family
• Accomplishing goals

Three things I hate:
• Cooking (I’m finally going to admit defeat here – I really don’t like it.)
• Being told what to do
• Yelling

Three things I don’t understand:
• Why people love reality tv
• Why we are all obsessed with celebrities (I include myself in this)
• How I have collected so much junk over the years

Three things on my desk:
• Pictures of family
• Miniature rock garden
• Dead plant – I seem to kill them all

Three things I’m doing right now:
• Racing against time on a work project
• Decluttering the crap out of my house (not this very minute)
• Wishing I had gotten more sleep last night

Three things I want to do before I die:
• Have children
• Write and publish a young adult novel
• Learn to play the mandolin

Three things I can do:
• Bake bread
• Run (or jog, more precisely) a 5k
• Chinese calligraphy

Three things I can’t do:
• Knit (I’ve tried)
• Fly (I dream I can, but when I wake up, I actually can’t)
• Go very long without crying.

Three things (or people) I think you should listen to:
• Your conscience
Ray LaMontagne
Andrew Bird

Three things (or people) you should never listen to:
• Your inner critic
• Negative influences in your life
• Ashlee Simpson

Three things I’d like to learn:
• To play the guitar well
• To be a better wife
• To paint

Three favorite foods:
• Mediteranean food
• Mexican food
• Corn Chex (I can’t stop eating them. And we actually have an off brand.)

Three shows I watched as a kid:
• Smurfs
• ABC Weekend Specials (with O.G. Readmore. Remember him?)
• Disney Sunday night movies

Three things I regret:
• Having a boyfriend in high school. I should have just enjoyed my friends.
• The times I didn’t listen to my heart and listened to my fears instead.
• The things I’ve done to hurt family and friends. But as my dear husband said, how else do we learn?

Three people I tag:
• Anyone else who actually reads this blog and wants to share…(if you do put this in your blog, link to it in my comments, so that I can find your blog and read your thoughts)


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one word meme — crazy!

Taken from many other blogs. Try it.

1. Yourself: mysterious
2. Your partner: brilliant
3. Your hair: unpredictable
4. Your mother: amazing
5. Your father: invincible
6. Your favorite item: DDR
7. Your dream last night: nostalgic
8. Your favorite drink: water
9. Your dream home: untraditional
10. The room you are in: cubicle
11. Your pleasure: reading
12. Your fear: failure
13. Where you want to be in 10 years: prosperous
14. Who you hung out with last night: professors
15. What you’re not: loud
16. Your best friend: understands
17. One of your wish list items: bicycle
18. Your gender: rules
19. The last thing you did: stretch
20. What you are wearing: stripes
21. Your favorite weather: rainy
22. Your favorite book: many
23. Last thing you ate: starburst
24. Your life: fantastic
25. Your mood: frustrated
26. The last person you talked to on the phone: anonymous
27. Who/what are you thinking about right now: johnny

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K is for…

S’mee gave me this lovely assignment, which is to share 10 things that are important to me that start with the letter ‘K.’

If you’d like to play too, leave me a comment and I’ll assign you a letter. In your blog you’ll write 10 things that start with that letter that are important to you and explain why. Easy!

Here goes mine:

Keepsakes – I’m very bad at printing photographs and displaying them, but because of recent events where our hard drive was destroyed along with many photos, I’m going to change my ways!

Kissing – Well, who doesn’t like kissing? But I like it even more. 🙂 Good thing John is such a good kisser. Hee!

Kin – What can I say? My family is my life.

Kids – I’ve always felt a special bond with kids. We just relate. I love holding babies, playing with kids, reading to them, and generally hanging out.

Kittens – There’s not much cuter than a baby kitty. Or a baby anything.

Kites – Kites are fun to fly. It’s also fun to be at the park on a perfect, sunny day with someone you love. Kite is optional.

Kindness – I would like to be as kind and loving as most people believe I am. I don’t think kindness can ever be overemphasized.

Knowledge – I love learning new things. I love school so much I’m still going! I always joked to my mom that I would be a professional student. I guess I wasn’t really joking.

Kicks – I’m known for saying “I’ll kick him in the head (or other body part best not named)” when I’m mad at someone. So three cheers for kicks!

Knitting – After trying to learn to knit for a year in Bulgaria, I realize that it’s much easier to learn in English. I finally know how. Of course, I actually like crocheting more, but that doesn’t begin with ‘K’, does it?

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Wow, S’mee tagged me for this fun little questionaire. Thanks!!!

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life:

1) Recreation counselor – One of the funnest jobs I’ve ever had. I just played games and made crafts with kids. I became the Battleship and Connect Four champion.
2) Hostess at the coffee shop at the Virgin River Casino in Mesquite, NV – Oh my, how I hated that job and the black pants and pink shirt. And the evil waitresses. Let’s not forget the time I spilled an entire pitcher of water on my mother!
3) Server at Denny’s – Boy, was I moving up in the world! From hostess to server. Let’s just say that my boss was Ghengis Khan and never bought new food supplies until they were all gone and customers were complaining. What?!!!
4) Janitor/Custodian at the BYU – I had to get up at 4 in the morning for this job. I slept through many a class and got my worst grade ever during this time period.

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over:

1) What about Bob? – This movie is a classic, but it doesn’t explain why my husband and I can watch it so many times.
2) Napoleon DynamiteBut my lips hurt real bad!
3) Parent Trap I-IVMy husband doesn’t share the love, but my sisters do!
4) GidgetI love this movie.

Four Places I’ve Lived:

1) Overton, Nevada – For the first 18 years of my life.
2) Provo, UtahThe college years.
3) Sofia and Burgas, BulgariaLDS Mission.
4) Bejing, China – Taught English there for a short time after getting my degree and not having any direction whatsoever.

Four TV shows you love to watch:

I don’t love TV much, but…
1) Everwood – Before it got trashy, like everything does. Yeah, it’s on the WB, but it used to be good.
2) 24 – I’ve only watched this one once, if you can believe it. But I liked it.
3) The Biggest Loser – Saw this one a couple of times. Pretty good.
4) The Great Race – Watched it once. I’d watch it again.

Four Websites you visit daily:

Geez, I don’t have any interesting ones…hotmail, yahoo, people’s blogs…
1) asu.edu – Yeah, I have to.
2) Maybe I’m a nerd, but I go here a lot. I love the public libraries.
3) I don’t visit it daily, but it’s fun: readymademag.com
4) Used to visit but don’t anymore: ericdsnider.com

Four of My Favorite Foods:

1) Bread – There is no food I love more than good bread. I could eat it all day, every day.
2) Hummus – Though it seems to be the most gas causing substance known to humankind (TMI?), I love it.
3) Feta cheese – On salads, pizza, and bread; in my favorite Bulgarian food banitsa; feta cheese is worth its weight in gold.
4) Prosciutto and melon – Hey, it sounds weird, but my husband introduced me to it, and it’s good. Actually, I like any Italian food he makes.

Four Places I’d rather be right now:

1) Home in bed with my sweet husband. 🙂
2) In NV with the whole family.
3) In Europe with the husband, visiting Italy, Albania, and Bulgaria.
4) On a cruise (to anywhere but Alaska) with the husband.

Four folks to pass this on to:

1) Johnny, the husband.
2) TK, the friend.
3) penguinconqueso, another friend.
4) Eden, friend from way back.

Thanks! And have fun.

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